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No, not those old kind of rocks-- this is not a geology site. These pages will lead you on excursions into history, along the way, equipping you with tools, concepts, and approaches to assist your appreciation for and understanding of the past. I've created a basic site structure. These pages are open for student and public interactions--just email me if you would like editing privileges. Email Prof. Slatta We're all products of as well as actors in history--so why not know all you can know about your role in the world. Make history and record it! Fellow historians, please email me suggested additions to the glossary of terms below. Sorry I can't let you edit directly but meathead commercial interests keep inserting irrelevant crap. So much for corporate responsibility. All our students will benefit. Thanks, Rich

Please click on the page link above to nominate special historical places in the Caribbean that you believe merit preservation. Some may be endangered by encroaching shopping malls or other new developments. Others may require rehabilitation. Others may need the assistance of history professionals to research and interpret the site's significance. And remember, the past also exists underwater. Coral reefs and other undersea features can also be nominated.

Cowboy History and Culture

  • I specialize in cowboy history. If you'd like to dive right in, visit my cowboy history site, cowboyprof.com. You'll find online essays, extensive links to websites and primary sources for western history. You may also ride around my virtual ranch, the Lazy S.
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Here is a list of the history courses that I teach at North Carolina State University. These courses include two that are sometimes taught entirely online.

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